Educational Materials

The resources available on this website have been created using information by the Centre of Archaeology at Staffordshire University. Three different types of educational materials are available to download:

  • Short, individual slave worker profiles with associated questions for class discussion
  • Complete lesson plans including all preparation, resources and materials to print
  • Short video segments on key parts of the archaeology of the Occupation of Alderney.


The slave worker profiles available on this website are derived from “Adolf Island: The Nazi Occupation of Alderney” a book written by Caroline Sturdy Colls and Kevin Colls. The profiles represent testimony from six individuals who experienced Alderney during the Occupation. Each profile comes with associated questions for in class consideration and provide an opportunity for further research outside of the classroom. The aim is to encourage students to empathise with those affected by the German occupation and think about how they may have acted and the choices they would have made. Teachers will also find useful a publication by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) on Recommendations for Teaching and Learning about the Holocaust.

The lesson plans, developed by William Mitchell from the Centre of Archaeology, present a summary of topics which are invaluable to archaeologists studying these events. There are four lesson plans to download and these are freely available. The subjects are Aerial Images, Alderney and Slave Labour, Surviving Evidence, and Witness Evidence. Each plan includes a step-by-step lesson guide, a PowerPoint presentation and additional resources as required. These resources are guided by recommendations outlined in the UK National Curriculum. They are suitable for pupils within Key Stage 3.

Lesson Plans

This is a growing resource. Please submit your lesson ideas to us and we’ll upload them to the website to create a great shared resource for all teachers.

Video Segments:

Recommended Reading

Carr, G. On British Soil: Nazi Persecution in the Channel Islands. Cambridge: McDonald Institute Publications. [Available in Channel Islands bookshops and through the author].

Carr, G., Sanders, P. and Willmot, L. 2014. Protest, Defiance and Resistance in the Channel Islands: German Occupation 1940-1945. London: Bloomsbury Academic.

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Sturdy Colls, C. and Colls, K. 2022 Adolf Island: The Nazi Occupation of Alderney. Manchester: Manchester University Press.

For teachers interested in the pedagogy of Holocaust Education, website recommends both the website of the Holocaust Educational Trust, which has age-appropriate materials for different stages of the curriculum, and also the very readable volume:

Cowan, P. and Maitles, H. 2017. Understanding and Teaching Holocaust Education. Sage.