Dr Ernest Morand (Friedman)

  • Place of Birth: Vaduliu, Romania
  • Date of Deportation: 11 October 1943
  • Address when Deported: Le Gond-Pontrouve near Angoulême
  • Place of deportation: Alderney
  • Sites deported to: Norderney,

By Caroline Sturdy Colls and Kevin Colls

Dr Ernest Morand was born Ernest Friedman on 15 June 1905 in Vaduliu in Romania. He was of Hungarian descent. Having trained as a doctor, in 1933 Dr Morand published research into the treatment of postpartum intrauterine infections caused by the Streptococcus bacteria. He married Marguerite née Morans-Amaka and they had two children. During WW2, the family lived in Le Gond-Pontrouve near Angoulême in France. Dr Morand was rounded up along with 2,000 others during the night of 9/10 October 1942 on account of his Jewish heritage and was sent to Drancy. His family were not arrested because his wife was ‘considered Aryan’. He was photographed in the camp in 1942. He was sent to Alderney on convoy 641 on 11 October 1943 and housed in Norderney. After several months of incarceration, he was able to escape in 1944. He was eventually liberated on 24 August 1944 in Boulogne-sur-Mer in France.


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  • Cemetery / Mass Grave
  • Concentration Camp
  • Forced Labour Camp
  • Prison
  • Worksite / Fortification